Saturday, January 10, 2009

Eat A Lime Mystery Revealed

These cryptic bumper stickers can be seen around Portland and leave many outsiders wondering: HUH?

Welcome to the magic of viral marketing...if you know what it means you are part of the cool crowd. Well, maybe not. Turns out if you know what it means you have kids in your life who love pirates.

HERE'S THE SCOOP: Eat a lime is the sing-a-long chorus to one of Captain Bogg & Salty's songs about preventing a common pirate ailment: scurvy. This is what they call "Pirate Rock". It's kid friendly, totally rockin' pirate songs. I doubt I'll have occasion to catch these Portland pirates live - no elementary kids in this house anymore - nor will I probably every buy a cd - but they do have catchy tunes that you can't help but try to sing along with. Now you can come to PDX and feel like part of the cool crowd.

Listen to the song

The song above was purchased legitimately with real cash.
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  1. So glad you posted this! I have wondered about this & have lived over for FIVE YEARS.

  2. How unfortunate so many people are so stupid!


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